Marketing English

No campaign has ever succeeded without effective communication! Invite your fellow marketers and join our Marketing English Group Course to expand your vocabulary and gain skills to feel at home communicating with your colleagues or clients. And if you are a bit shy, sign up for our 1:1 Marketing English Course, where you will have our tutor’s attention just for yourself. At a 1:1 Marketing English Course, we will help you boost your fluency and confidence in an English speaking environment.

Our Process & Philosophy

Identifying your main goals within the marketing jargon field

Fun ways to overcome performance anxiety or "stage fright"

Expanding your vocabulary range & improving your grammar

Boosting your fluency and confidence while presenting in English

“I can’t believe how fast I felt comfortable presenting in English!”

Make English Easier offers a very individual approach to each student. Before the 1:1 Marketing English Course starts, the tutor identifies your personal needs to best match the programme to your expectations. Each lesson is entertaining, while the topics are selected to arouse curiosity, thanks to which the words and phrases pop into your head, so you can instantly use them in practice. You get to work with various materials that make the classes engaging and thought-provoking.

I highly recommend learning English with Make English Easier!



I signed up for the 1:1 Marketing English Course at Make English Easier about three months ago, just when I was about to take on a new role as a Marketing Expert at a renowned IT company. The programme turned out to be a perfect fit and all of my needs regarding the marketing jargon and communication skills have been satisfied. Sophisticated, fun exercises helped me memorise new vocabulary. I could benefit from the value of the course in my professional environment just days after signing up.

I recommend the course to anyone who would like to face marketing challenges in an English speaking environment and succeed!


Marketing Expert

If you are a marketer and feel like your vocabulary is a little rusty, Marketing English Group Course is something for you. My fluency has hit through the roof, and I cannot believe how fast I felt comfortable presenting in English! Entertaining ways to compete with opposite teams, lots of engaging games and a cheerful vibe make the Marketing English Group Course a great way to spend the evening and not just another specialist language course. It made a big difference to my writing skills and to the way I communicate with other professionals.

I recommend the Marketing English Group Course to anyone who would like to learn the marketing jargon and have fun at the same time.



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